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Fixed teeth on implants within 3 days with the revolutionary technology of the Strategic Implant®

We know how to do dental implant treatments

  • without bone "build-ups" or “Sinuslifts” and we do this for more than 20 years already
  • express treatment within maximum 3 days
  • implant placement immediately right after tooth extraction
  • it's just as safe for smokers and medically compromised patients as for "healthy" individuals
  • our technology is life saving for patients which have lost implants before (incl. a lot of their jaw bones)

What do we offer?

Our treatment goal is to solve all of your dental problems in one treatment approach. We solve problems like:

  • missing teeth, inability to eat and smile;
  • periodontal problems (inflammation of the gums, tooth mobility);
  • endodontic problems (granulomas, cysts);
  • problems with heavily decayed or reconstructed teeth;

Typically we approach all these problems in one step. Removal of teeth and implant placement are done in the same appointment, and right after this our lab team starts working on your new teeth. To avoid future problems, ailing teeth which are likely to cause problems within the next 5 - 10 years will also be removed and replaced by implants.

Our experience with thousands of implant operations and case observations clearly shows that implants are much more reliable than natural teeth in adult patients. We will analyze your oral situation and create an individual treatment plan.

What are the advantages of the Simpladent concept?

The Simpladent concept has changed the world of implantology entirely:

  • In our clinics you will be freed of all dental worries and return to your normal life very quickly.
  • Practically every patient can receive fixed teeth right away, without extended waiting periods, healing times or bone augmentations.
  • Our expertly trained surgeons use cortical bone in all areas of the maxillo-facial skeleton. This bone is resorption-stable and strong. For this reason we are able to install bridges right away and splint the implants thereby.
  • Specialized dental technicians begin creating the prosthetic teeth right away. They follow a precise preparation formula to allow optimal bite and chewing abilities. You may eat anything right after the bridges are installed!
We use a revolutionary patented implant system with practically unlimited possibilities

What is Strategic Implant®?

The term "Strategic Implant®" is a registered trademark for the implants of the Simpladent Group. The term "basal implantology" first appeared around 1999; a time of breakthrough in modern dental implantology: immediate loading technology was developed. It simultaneously solved the problem of low bone supply (strong atrophy) and allowed to treat patients with diabetes and other medical issues successfully.

Each implant is fixated in at least two locations in cortical bone. This type of bone provides a high level of mineralization, stability and low metabolism. It can be immediately loaded, and it tends not to resorb. Bone augmentation, sinus lift, bone transplants and waiting periods became unnecessary.

With the help of the Strategic Implant®, we are able to successfully supply treatment even in cases of severe bone atrophy. You as the patient will receive a beautiful smile within just a few days.

Thousands of patients have been treated globally with over 1.000,000 placed implants.

Treatment Providers in Our Group Practice

Dr. Ionut-Petru Ungurean

  • Dentist & doctor
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
  • Authorized user of the technology of the Strategic Implant®

Dr. Stefan Ihde

  • Dentist
  • Professor
  • Scientist and author
  • Inventor of the technology of the Strategic Implant®


Patient Testimonials

My family dentist was shocked at first when he saw my fixed teeth on the implants. He had never seen anything like it. He only knew the traditional systems that I didn't have enough bone for. I have been living very satisfied with my implants (lateral basal implants) for 15 years now and now I will have both of my bridges renewed.
I am very sociable person and also because of my profession I have to speak a lot. I had a very big problem with it. I was offered a lot of different treatment plans, but it was so painful and horrible that I could not agree. Thank you very much, Dr.Ihde, it's great happiness to get a smile and you gave me this happiness!!! You give people really a new life.
During my own treatment I have received a great aesthetic pleasure, while watching the work of real professional.
I can not begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done for me,you gave me back my smile,and my health, but even more important, you gave me back my life! ... ... I highly recommend the Simpladent clinic to anyone in need of implants. The skill ,expertise, experience, and dedication at the clinic are unmatched by any clinic or system in the world. Simply put, you are the best of the best.